Clean Energy That Pays for Itself

Solar Power Allows You To

Create your own clean energy

Save money

Significantly reduce your reliance on utility companies

Solar Panels That Perform

We offer state of the art panels that are high output and extremely efficient.

The newest all black design looks sleek.

Solar Batteries

The gold standard of residential solar batteries, the LG Chem Battery harnesses the energy created by your solar panels and makes it available to you anytime you need it.

Ready for a Solar Upgrade?

We can help you design a system that fits your budget and your energy needs.

Become Energy Independent

Adding a battery to your system allows you to store solar energy in the daytime for future use.

Why Choose SOUL?

Our Founders have 40+ years of roofing and electrical experience.

We offer the highest performance solar + battery systems on the market from all of the top brands.

You have one point of contact from the start. No handoffs. No surprises!

We are roofers at our core. We install solar systems with a “protect your roof” mindset.

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